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wildcrafted jams of the mellow variety

Made in Austin, TX

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Here is Raina Rose's 6th full length studio album, VESTA. This collection of 10 songs written during the past 6 years since Raina’s last record, Caldera explore the common miracle of matressence. Vesta, the Roman goddess of the Hearth, is the keeper of the flame as well as the embodiment of the flame itself. She is the knowledge that sex, motherhood, and family are one and the same.
As we usher in the era of the sacred feminine, we must acknowledge that the same breast that makes one flush with desire also feeds the baby. The power of women lies in our deep legacy of creation, without which nothing can exist. This album centers around that transition from spark to flame.
Produced by Jt Nero of Birds of Chicago, Vesta was made over the course of four days at Henhouse Studios in Nashville, TN. Engineering and electric guitars by Steve Dawson with Raina’s husband Andrew Pressman on bass and Jamie Dick on drums. Harmony vocals by Alli Russel and Awna Texiera of Po’ Girl. All horns, woodwinds and their arrangements by Levon Henry.

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