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Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

Buy 6 bars of soap for the price of 5. Discount applied to a cart containing 6+ bars of soap.

Made in Austin, TX

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I make this cold process soap by hand with 100% organic coconut oil. This hefty bar has a sudsy lather that cleanses without drying. It is made with lye and oil, which are both completely transformed during the saponification process. It’s so fun to make this stuff. Our bars are scented with pure essential oils unless otherwise noted. Bars of soap come unlabeled so as to have as little waste as possible. 

Buy 6 bars for the price of 5! A $2 discount per bar of soap will automatically apply to all carts containing 6 or more soaps. 

available options

Patchouli + Mint with Rose Clay
Honey, Oats + Goat Milk (unscented)
Lavender + Pine
Confetti Scrap Soap*
Grapefruit + Tea Tree with French Green Clay
Charcoal Terrazzo with Cedar + Lemongrass
Almond + Vanilla with Orange Peel*
Jasmine + Ylang Ylang with Madder Root + Purple Clay
Cinnamon + Fir + Eucalyptus with Indigo Swirl

* contains fragrance oil



100% organic coconut oil, lye and essential oils.

Almond + Vanilla w/ orange peel and Confetti Scrap Soap contain fragrance oils


This hefty bar has a sudsy lather that cleanses without drying.

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