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Why are our whipped body butters seasonal?

Written by Raina Rose

Last winter you may have gotten a jar or a tin of our fabulous, whipped body butter. Maybe it was Sex Potion, Blue Moon Butter or Lavanilla. Now its July and you can’t find it on our website. Is it discontinued? Just out of stock?

The answer is not exactly either thing. We only sell our whipped body butters from November through February. For those of you in Northern climes, that may seem silly but in Texas, we deal with a thorough and all-consuming heat for many days of the year. In fact, I write this in early May and it will be in the 90s this week.

I researched for a long time to try and figure out an acceptable method to keep body butter from melting in the Texas heat. I looked at preservatives (nope), emulsifiers (no thanks), and nothing was natural and effective enough for my approval. Then I thought I could keep it in stock if I shipped it with ice packs! That is cost prohibitive, not consistently effective and not great for our environment; just more plastic waste.

The most ethically sound thing to do was make the body butters a seasonal product. Just like the macrobiotic diet, its ok for some things to be available in certain seasons and not in others. When we are getting strawberries and mangos shipped across the world, we forget that precious and magical idea of waiting for the goods.

When you only have access to flowers once a year, they’re so special. That’s the same with our organic, luscious, small batch whipped body butter. We make them with organic shea butter, organic mango butter, organic olive oil, organic castor oil, therapeutic grade essential oils and more. Most importantly, they’re made with love.

Why are our whipped body butters seasonal?
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