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Vagus Nerve Quiet Contemplation

Written by Raina Rose

Raina here! I want to tell you a little more about our Vagus Nerve Topical Oil. It’s really special to me for a number of reasons. Part of why it’s so special is that we infuse organic lemon balm, organic blue vervain, and organic chamomile in organic hemp seed oil for at least two months to make this lovely potion. 

These herbs are known for supporting the vagus nerve response when taken orally. We don’t make edible products, but from my perspective, herbs have a kind of innate energy. Their energy when consumed in a tea or a capsule can be replicated when used topically with the same intention. 

The vagus nerve is one of twelve cranial nerves in the body. It’s responsible for various bodily functions, including digestion, heart rate, and breathing. That’s a big job and thankfully this potent oil is up for the task!

The vagus nerve also controls your fight, flight, or freeze reaction. Our bodies can’t decipher between types of stress. Whether your stress comes from too many emails, or a lion chasing you across the Sahara, the bodily response is the same. We haven’t evolved past that confusion yet. 

So, every time we are overwhelmed at work or home, or by events in the world at large, our nervous system reacts like we are being chased by a predator. Toning your vagal response can have a very positive effect on stress levels. Wouldn’t there be some relief if we didn’t feel like we might get eaten a few times a week?! I know I’d like that. 

That’s why I formulated our Vagus Nerve Topical Support Oil. Applying this oil alongside a five-minute breathing ritual helps you hack into your innate skills as a mammal to more readily calm yourself down. if you haven’t tried it, I highly encourage it. 

A five-minute pause during a busy day of work, kids, school, or whatever you have going on certainly works wonders for me! How about we do it together right now?! 

First, lay down somewhere safe and comfy. Draw out a few pumps of our Vagus Nerve Topical Support Oil into your hands. Rub your hands together:  the warmth of your body and the friction will release the scent of the oil. It’s a blend of bergamot, juniper, and lavender. Inhale the scent deeply, as if the herbs are diving right into your soul.

Use your oily hands to massage the inception point of your vagus nerve. Not sure where that is? Here’s a handy diagram. It starts its wandering path through your body directly behind your ears. If you just rub the back of your neck behind your ears, you’ll get it. 

Once that area feels warm, place your hands over your midsection. One on top of the other. Breathe deeply in through your nose and slowly out of your mouth. Once you are in the flow of breathing, move just your eyes to the right while keeping your head still, facing forward. Imagine you are a deer grazing in a field. Deer have eyes on either side of their heads; horses do too. A deer hears a threat, determines they are safe and goes back to grazing. That’s the goal! No more fight or flight, rest and digest!! 

Anyhow, while your eyes are to the right, breathe slowly about 5-10 times until you feel a yawn or you can’t keep your eyes open. Then move your eyes to the left while keeping your head forward facing. Breathe through 5-10 times until you feel a yawn. I do this every night, and I’m usually fast asleep before I’ve breathed 5 times on the second side. It's magic. You ARE the deer. You can calm and quiet your body easily and quickly! 

Just try this a few times and you’ll be hooked. 

Vagus Nerve Quiet Contemplation
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