The Grimoire

Folk Potions Mission Statement

Written by Raina Rose

Folk Potions is an anti-anti-aging beauty brand. We focus on the time honored traditions of herbalism to create clean skincare products that heal.

We as a people have been sold a bad deal. We’ve been taught that our value is in our appearance. We’ve been instructed to hide any signs of aging. To diminish anything that is thought of as a flaw. Inject into or cut out anything that others might not find pleasing. What if instead we FELT GOOD in our skin? What if our skincare nurtured, supported and healed us instead of just trying to make us look younger.

Folk Potions is made with the intention of helping foster radical self acceptance. We are your friend that looks you in the eye and tells you that you are beautiful exactly as you are. Aging is a privilege. Own your history; don’t erase your laughter, your tears and wisdom.


ancient remedies for present bodies

Folk Potions

a picture of all of folk potions herbal infused skincare products including cold process soap, salve, body oils, natural deodorant and more
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