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Rollie Scents ~ Perfume Oils

earthy dreamy scent

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Cosmic Wind was such a hit, that once it sold out I knew I had to make more. Now there are two!

Cosmic Wind reminds me of a campfire where a a beautiful nymph continues to throw rose petals into the flames. This scent is made with the pure essential oils of Palo Santo, Rose, Neroli, Myrrh, Oak Moss and more. The scent is very woodsy and calming. 

Our new one, Pleasure Point is one you may already be familiar with. I've been using this blend of oakmoss, amber, and vanilla to scent our body butter for years. This was inspired by the song, Wisteria, written by our dear friend Nels Andrews. He named the scent after his favorite beach in California. I added a little vetiver to this one as it adds a little dark spice to the the sweetness. Pleasure Point is like being held to the bosom of Aphrodite after she has run through a grove of vanilla vines. 

Roll the oil on your pulse points like the inside of your wrists and on your neck to smell like magic. Both are made with pure essential oils, oleoresins in a base of Sweet Almond Oil. 


sweet almond oil with Palo Santo, neroli, rose, myrrh and oak moss essential oils.


roll this lovely scent on your pulse points such as wrists and neck when you'd like a calming scent.