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Organic Coconut Oil Soap

cold process soap by hand

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I make this cold process soap by hand with 100% organic coconut oil. This hefty bar has a sudsy lather that cleanses without drying. It is made with lye and oil, which are both completely transformed during the saponification process. It’s so fun to make this stuff. Always scented with pure essential oils unless otherwise noted. Bars of soap come unlabeled so as to have as little waste as possible. 

Buy 5 bars of soap and get a bar for free while supplies last! The free bar this time is lavender + lemon with scrubby lemon peel!!

available options

eucalyptus + cedar with activated charcoal

lavender + pine with kaolin clay

patchouli + mint with rose clay

almond + oat (almond is fragrance oil)

sweet orange + vanilla with rose hip powder (vanilla is fragrance oil)

lemongrass + bergamot with pumpkin

frankincense + geranium with orange peel

basil + clary sage with madder root

grapefruit + tea tree with French green clay 

gardenia, bergamot + ylang ylang with moringa 

Confetti scrap soap (aka no-waste soap! may contain fragrance oils)



100% organic coconut oil, lye and essential oils.


This hefty bar has a sudsy lather that cleanses without drying.

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